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Addictology - field of study and qualification including lifelong learning

Publisher: Mgr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D. | Last update: 22.01.2014

Education in the field of addictology is very well developed in the Czech Republic, incorporating nowadays virtually all the basic areas which, however, have not been implemented into practice at the same level. The education system in the field of addictology structures and specifies these individual areas and is, in a comprehensive form, processed and integrated into a set of the so-called national key documents of the field; specifically for the area of education under the name The Concept of Education in the Field of Addictology. The gradually introduced system of education in addictology has naturally been reflected in the inner setting and profiling of this field and its position within the health care system as well as outside health care (i.e. including the enactment of such changes). The above mentioned concept is intended to define the relationship of the field of addictology and the profession of the addictologist towards other professions. The emphasis of the entire system is primarily on the profession of physicins-psychiatrists with specialised education in addictology (currently under the name the field of addictive diseases) and the profession of addictologists, who belong, in the Czech Republic, to the category of regulated paramedical professions.

The second large area of education is represented by the system of lifelong learning; within its framework, the issue of vocational training for other than the above two addictology professions is also addressed. One can thus speak of a gradual formation of a system of education for other professions existing within the framework of the addictology field, i.e. mainly the professions of a general nurse, clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, special needs teacher, educator, etc. The system incorporates the following areas of education and training:

  • medical speciality in the field of addictive diseases (“medical addictology“),
  • education of addictologists – non-medical healthcare professionals at Bachelor’s (Bc.) and Master’s (Mgr.) degree level,
  • post-graduate doctoral studies in addictology (PhD),
  • teaching of medical students in addictology (addictology curriculum for medical students),
  • the compulsory addictology minimum for physicians of all clinical disciplines as a compulsory (or also follow-up optional) part of the physicians’ speciality training,
  • lifelong learning of addictologists-non-medical professionals and addictologists-physicians,
  • lifelong learning for other (than addictology) professions (primarily: nurses, pharmacists, occupational therapists and non-healthcare professions – teacher, special education teacher of children with behavioural disorders, social worker, etc.).

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