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Science and Research in Addictology

Publisher: Mgr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D. | Last update: 22.01.2014

The nature of the definition of addictology as a field implies that a substantial part of its scientific research activities is contained within, and carried out on the ground of, many already existing and traditional fields such as genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, psychiatry and psychology, etc.

The principal tasks and missions of scientific and research activities in the field of addictology may thus be categorized into two focal points:

  1. to interconnect knowledge produced in other fields, integrate these pieces of knowledge and help create better preconditions of their valid interpretation reaching beyond the scope of these fields and helping to better utilize this knowledge not only for further research, but also for preventive and treatment practice,
  2. build and develop the tradition of research projects conceived as interdisciplinary addressing complex topics, including the topics of evaluation of the preventive and treatment programmes themselves, the testing of various types of complex interventions, investigation of complex interactions within the framework of drug policies evaluation, and research into the impacts of advertisement or various socio-economic links as well as influences relating for instance to advertisement, various types of regulatory measures, etc.

Thanks to the NETAD project, an initiative came into being in the Czech Republic leading to the formation of the first national scheme of scientific research activity in the field of addictology. The task of this scheme is, in its first part (A) chiefly to identify the main thematic subjects/programmes implemented in the territory of the Czech Republic by different institutions and interconnect them into a homogeneous framework. The purpose of this concept is to make clear what significant/essential things in science within the field of addictology is realised and by which of the key institutions, and what priorities have been set out for further development and what topics are worth supporting and developing given the current institutional, personnel and economic possibilities. In its second part (B) the concept is supposed to address drugs epidemiology. In this field, profound duplicities and gaps persist in the area of monitoring of alcohol, tobacco and abused pharmaceuticals; the NMS and its partners should apply a more systemic approach when handling these questions. The concept is to serve also as a basis for the preparation and formulation of special support programmes and for ensuring support from the national funding agencies (especially the Czech Science Foundation, the Internal Grant Agency, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the Grant Agency of the Ministry of Interior, etc.) and, if applicable, support within the research and development activities of the government departments concerned (the Ministry of Health, the ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice etc.).

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