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Publishing Addiction Science in the Czech Republic

Publisher: Mgr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D. | Last update: 22.01.2014

The gradual cultivation and integration of the field of addictology in the Czech Republic has resulted in the need to start to work, in a targeted and systematic manner, with the so-called publishing space, i.e., the shared space which, at various levels and different forms, reflects the results and communication within the field.

Together with this topic it is necessary to define and address the issue related to the post-revolution development of our country (i.e. following the November 1989 events) when the certain degree of enclosedness and the lack of availability of some common international communication platforms and information sources resulted in our partial isolation. One of the crucial tasks of this area is, therefore, to renew the position of Czech addictology within a quality and adequate communication network, dedicate oneself to terminology (i.e., to reflect the development of domestic as well as foreign terminology, not only from Czech-English perspective, but also from Czech-German, Czech-French, or eventually also Spanish and Russian one). These are not simple tasks and issues, nor is it a process to be achieved in a year or two. Within this context, activities aimed at strengthening the links with multinational expert structures (in this field, ISAJE in particular, etc.) have been intensified in the past years. Within these activities we then ensure outputs, both towards those working directly in research in the field of addictology (students, academic and scientific personnel/academics and scientists, etc.) and towards those from other scientific disciplines that touch on addictology in some way. Such outputs also include the translation of a publication created within the ISAJE, making it available in Czech.

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