Coordination of Activities in the Addictology

Publisher: Mgr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D. | Last update: 22.01.2014

The coordination of activities in the field of addictology in the Czech Republic is carried out through several different institutional structures that coexist at different levels and with a different degree of mutual connectedness and communication. As for the national drugs policy of the Czech Republic, the key role is played by the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination and its Secretariat, located at the Office of the Government. This institution also includes the national Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction which forms part of the REITOX network and which coordinates the collection and evaluation of the basic epidemiological data on drugs and their users; its data is freely accessible.

A key position within the system of coordination and organization of the field is held by professional associations. Among them, a special position is occupied by the Association for Addictive Diseases of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně. This association is not primarily a professional organization of any of the specialities, but its purpose and mission is an integration of the field and interconnection of specialities, both in the professional and in technical as well as organisational sense, etc. This association, for instance, is the main organiser of a national conference held annually under the name AT conference. This event with more than 50-year tradition (52nd year was held in 2013) is a meeting of experts from all areas of prevention and treatment. A similar event is another national conference devoted to prevention in the widest sense which is called Primary Prevention of Risk Behavior (Primární Prevence Rizikového chování – PPRCH). Other professional associations rather represent (the) individual main professional groups represented in the field of addictology or interest groups and associations, e.g. the Czech Association of Addictologists, the Association of Non-governmental Organisations (A.N.O.) etc. With respect to comprehensibility, clear arrangement and better orientation, an initiative emerged within the framework of the NETAD project which enabled the creation of a unified overview and definition of the so-called key documents of the addictology field. This is a set of documents defining the field of addictology from different perspectives and in various functional contexts, including for instance the Code of Professional Conduct) etc. This group of documents also includes e.g. the standards of quality of preventive and treatment programmes and services, the recommended Practices in the field of addictology, study texts, terminology glossaries etc.

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